Tattoo machine Defender "Ruby" (grey/Chromium)

"RUBY" is a powerful and maneuverable device that can conquer every master.

7 types of built-in adjustable eccentrics that do not need to be changed manually, just turn the knob on the device, which turn it into a universal tool in the hands of a professional.

"RUBY" was created for masters who never stand still in their development and want to have in their arsenal a machine capable of creating masterpieces both in the field of PM and in the field of tattoo.

No more restrictions - with "RUBY" you will master any technique of working with leather.
With "RUBY" you will be able to make airy pixels and the finest hairs, permanent areolas or stretch marks, trichopigmentation and tattoo coverage.

The device is equipped with an inertial motor, specially designed for the DEFENDERR company, taking into account its extended functionality.

The engine is characterized by impeccable controllability, puncture accuracy, as well as a reduced level of vibration and noise.
Operating voltage of the device: 3.5 - 10 V.
Powerful inertial motor
The housing of the RUBY apparatus is a collapsible apparatus, which is subject to service maintenance and replacement of all its parts, if necessary. The design of the model reliably protects the machine from the ingress of pigment or other liquids into the machine.
The twist-off holder allows the device to be sterilized by any of the known methods.

"RUBY" is universal in terms of consumables: any classic cartridge needles and standard power supplies with the ability to connect an RCA cable are suitable for it.

All seven eccentrics are securely built into the body of the device, so they can be conveniently adjusted directly on the maniple.

Adjustable needle stroke: 2.4mm, 2.7mm, 3.0mm, 3.3mm, 3.6mm, 3.9mm, 4.2mm
Motor power: 5W
Working voltage: up to 10 V
Handling speed: up to 8,000 rpm
Length: 118mm
Weight: 165g
Connector: RCA
Material: aircraft-grade aluminum with protective coating
Colours: Stealth, Chromium
Weight with packaging: 267 g.

Warranty and service 12 months.
Designed in the USA
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