Compact wireless tattoo machine with LED display MAST Tour Y22. Lightweight and comfortable device from the Mast series.

Mast Tour Y22 is both a wireless rotary tattoo machine, which is equipped with a high-quality portable power supply, as well as a classic handle with an RCA connector, which, if necessary, can be connected to an external control unit.

This machine helps to solve 90% of the difficulties that masters face during work. The ergonomic design makes the handle comfortable to use for both short and long sessions.

The machine is suitable for all kinds of work in tattoo and permanent make-up. Provides freedom for the master to work anytime, anywhere. Battery charging time - 2 hours. Working time up to 4 hours. The speed control is located on the top of the machine. Compatible with all modules. Convenient adjustment of a departure of a needle. LCD display with indication of operating voltage and remaining battery charge.

If your battery is dead, you can put it on charge, and to continue working, simply connect the machine to the power supply via the RCA connector.

Technical details:
• Model: MAST Tour Y22 Wireless.
• Material: Aluminum.
• Voltage: 5-12V.
• Motor: Japan - 8V/10000 rpm.
• Battery capacity: 1200mA/h.
• Charging time: 2 hours.
• Operating time: up to 4 hours.
• Push stroke: 3 mm.
• Departure of a needle: 0-4 mm. (adjustable by unscrewing the holder).
• Charging connector: USB Type-C.
• Length: 153 mm.
• Diameter: 23.5 mm.
• Weight: 138 g.
• Weight without battery: 65 g.
• Manufacturer: DragonHawk.

  • Machine.
  • RCA wire.
  • Wire for charging.
  • Spare rings.
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