Remover "REVIVNK"

"REVIVNK" in the line of the manufacturer of pigments "6th sense" is a gentle tool that can correct mistakes in the work of a permanent makeup master.
Revivink effectively removes even the most difficult to remove shades (green, beige, yellow) that the laser does not see. Softens dense, planted areas of the tattoo, "revives" the color.
Revivink is perfect for removing unsuccessful permanent makeup on the lips, eyebrows and eyelids. The procedure is practically painless, only slight warmth is felt, there is no rehabilitation period.
Thanks to the Revivink tool, you can partially remove the tattoo, for example, soften the beginning of the eyebrow, remove high tips. With repeated procedures, it is able to remove the pattern completely. Revivink can also be applied even to fresh work, if a slight correction is needed, then the pigment in this area will not take root.
No special training is required to work with Revivink, because they cannot injure the skin and get scars, unlike aggressive removers. It does not contain acid, there is no effect of "burning" the skin.

Mode of application.
Revivink must be shaken well before use! A natural precipitation is possible, therefore, before each procedure, the bottle must be shaken well so that the consistency becomes homogeneous. Revivink is injected under the skin in the same way as pigments during permanent makeup, the application technique is similar. Revivink should be applied to the depth of the dye until a slight burning sensation is felt. Any needles can be used. The use of anesthesia may slightly reduce the effect of the removal procedure.
The procedure itself is recommended to be performed in 1 pass, maximum 2. Passages are made very slowly, tightly. Tight does not mean deep and traumatic, it means that you need to work in small steps to avoid untreated areas.
Departure of the needle is usually set to a minimum so that a larger amount of the drug enters the skin.
Some masters at the end of the procedure also additionally make a mask from Revivink. Apply it in a thin layer for a few minutes, this is an optional part, the effect of this is possible, but small.

Care after the procedure.
1 hour after the procedure, it is necessary to wash the removal area with soap and water. You also need to lubricate the removal area with products such as Fougera Vitamin A + D cream, 3-5 times a day for 5 days, in order to keep the crust soft for as long as possible. The client needs to refrain from visiting the solarium, swimming pool, sauna or bath. The removal procedure can be repeated one month after healing.
The tool is certified.
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