Remover "Color Expert" - TINEL 10ml and 5ml.

Tinel Remover Color Expert is a lightening and pigment removal product for permanent make-up and tattoos.
Advantages of TINEL COLOR EXPERT remover:
1. High concentration.
2. Safety.
3. Remove and brighten without scars.
4. Not carcinogenic.
5. Removes all colors and all kinds of pigments.
6. Inexpensive method of tattoo removal compared to other means and laser.
7. Almost painless removal procedure, since the application of the composition is superficial.
8. Healing occurs with minimal crusts.
9. The next day after the procedure, you can use decorative cosmetics.
10. Can be combined in combination with laser therapy.
11. The remover is certified on the territory of the CIS, has a safety data sheet and a State Registration Certificate.

Manufacturer recommendations:
* Lightening of permanent makeup immediately after the procedure - when a dark shade is obtained immediately after the procedure (if it was planned to make it lighter), the permanent makeup lightening procedure is carried out, but no later than 20 minutes after the pigment is applied to the skin.
* In case of master’s mistakes during the permanent makeup procedure (long tail, “pigment planting”, asymmetry, etc.) for its urgent removal (complete or partial)

How to use Tinel Tattoo Remover:
1. Clean the area from dirt, make-up, treat the area with an antiseptic, degrease the skin.
3. Introduce TINEL TATTOO REMOVER into the skin using the technique of applying pigment to the depth of the dye with a permanent makeup machine.
4. If necessary, walk in the same technique for two more passes (maximum). Can be topped with cling film.
5. Periodically wipe the treated area with a damp cloth.
6. Treat the removal area with an antiseptic (for example, Diamond protect)
7. Issue a care leaflet to the client.

Care instructions after the permanent makeup removal procedure with TINEL TATTOO REMOVER COLOR EXPERT:
1. Treat the removal area yourself with a damp alcohol-free wipe 30 minutes after the procedure.
2. The treated area should not be actively wetted for three days after the procedure.
3. On the first day, you can wipe with an antiseptic 2-4 times a day.
4. It is forbidden to visit the sauna, swimming pools, solarium, swimming in the sea within two weeks after the procedure.
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