Power Supply Thunderlord TP-5


Thunderlord TP-5

The main on and off button is also used to start and stop the machine in MAINTAINED mode (continuous operation).

Easy change of footswitch mode: momentary (standard) or maintained (maintained) by pressing the presser foot once so that the machine works all the time and switches off again when pressed.

Using the foot starter, we can also switch on the power supply without contact and start the machine.

Information displayed:

  • machine output voltage
  • Working time
  • percentage load
  • frequency
  • clock
  • operating mode message
  • current

The control unit is very easy to cover / protect in typical bags, foil or covers.

Control unit dimensions: 8.5 x 15.5 cm.

Input voltage: 110 V-240 V, AC50 / 60 Hz.

Adjustable output voltage: 3 - 18V.

Rated current: 0-2A.

Selected Liner / Shader settings with memory modes.

Stores time and presets even after disconnecting the power supply.

Provides 6 pre-set voltages for L / S, factory settings:

L1-5V / L2-6V / L3-7V / L4-8V / L5-9V / L6-9.5V

S1-6V / S2-6.5V / S3-7,5V / S4-8.5V / S5-9.5V / S6-10V

The kit includes:

  • Control panel and power supply unit.
  • Universal stand with a handle and a set of mounts.

12 months warranty.

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