Pigments for lips N.Y.S.E. "BLOOD" 10 ml


  • Dense texture
  • Neutral shade
  • Suitable for all color types
  • For watercolors and lipsticks
  • Pigment of natural pink color, has a shade of a dusty rose.
  • Suitable for colorless white lips. Perfectly corrects a blurred contour or asymmetry of the lips.
  • From nude brighter and redder than pink marble.
  • On phototype 2 or 3 creates the effect of natural lips.
  • Do not use on a bright red border - alone. Only with bright pigments, as the composition contains white.
  • This pigment is suitable for creating watercolor techniques. To create a watercolor effect, two passes over the lips are enough, diluting the pigment with distilled water. (3 drops of pigment and one drop of water).

Shake well before use.

Country of origin: Russia

Volume 10ml.

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