"Brunette" - Perma Blend 15ml.


  • Purpose: Eyebrows
  • Temperature: Neutral
  • Medium dark brown.
  • The universal shade of the Brunette pigment allows them to work with both fair-haired and brown-haired women.
  • Brunette pigment will heal perfectly on green skin type: girls with brown-green eyes, bay leaf eyes, not bright swampy eyes and pale even skin.
  • In other cases, it is necessary to add a diluent to this pigment and work as superficially as possible.
  • The easiest way to achieve a perfect result, you can pantry Brunette with bundles of 3RS and 5RS needles, as well as spikes of Magnum needles.
  • If using a 1R needle be sure to add thinner and in some cases Terracotta.
  • Dark brown with a yellow base tone. They are easy to work on all skin types, if desired, can be obtained from a medium to dark shade. There is a corrector.

Manufactured in the USA
Certified in Europe and CIS countries.
Volume 15ml.
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