"Forest Brown" - Perma Blend 15ml.

"Forest Brown"

  • Purpose: Eyebrows, eyes
  • Temperature: Warm
  • Very dark brown. Full-bodied, rich, earthy and totally unique, it is a mid to dark value brown with slightly cool mass tone a subtle yellow undertone.
  • Bitter chocolate color with a red base, deep and expressive.
  • This pigment is very convenient to darken other pigments when working with oily skin.
  • In its pure form, use ONLY with the addition of a diluent.
  • It is recommended to apply Darkest Brown pigment in bunches of needles, starting with 3RS for a softer work. With this pigment application, healing will be the most correct in shade.
  • The Darkest Brown pigment pairs well with the main brow palette! Adding it to warm pigments will get just a darker color, adding it to a neutral or cold pigment will get a darker color without gray.
  • A corrector has been added to this shade.

Perfect For: Creating the perfect brow shade for any client. This shade is super malleable!

Manufactured in the USA
Certified in Europe and CIS countries.
Volume 15ml.
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