"Fudge" - Perma Blend 15ml.


  • Purpose: Eyebrows
  • Temperature: Neutral
  • It is a dark value brown in the cool range of colours, with a slightly warm yellow undertone. Less yellow, and darker than Forest Brown. A super versatile must have. If you forego other brow colours in the collection, do not forego your Fudge.
  • The opacity of the pigment allows you to make both dense and transparent work.
  • Combines well with other pigments from the palette.
  • On oily skin, it may heal with a cool gray tint, so in this case, it is better to add Roxy Brown to it. And if you want to make it a little darker and warmer, then add Darkest Brown.
  • The yellow base allows it to work in its purest form on the purple skin type: green eyes, grassy eyes, obvious blood vessels on the skin.
  • A corrector has been added to this shade.

Manufactured in the USA
Certified in Europe and CIS countries.
Volume 15ml.
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