Eyebrow pigment 15 ml "Chestnut" #103 Ne_pigments

"Chestnut" #103

  • Temperature: neutral.
  • Base: yellow, orange.
  • Who it suits: dark, contrasting blond hair, artificial blondes with bright eyebrows.
  • Soft, medium contrast brunettes with normal and thin skin.
  • On very thick and cold skin, work with a warm corrector.
  • If you need to make it lighter - use a yellow corrector or dilute with water for injection, or special diluents. If you work on mulattos or very dark Asian skins and do not lighten, but make it warmer - a corrector with a red base.

Technique: shading, dense shading, hairs. Eyeshadows.
Removed with a laser without red or orange color.
Standard specifications for remover.
Volume 15 ml.
Shake well before use.
Country of origin: Russia
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