Thinner for pigments #601 Ne_pigments


Thinner for pigments. Color-transparent. The base is water and glycerin. Use it if you want a soft feather or a smooth gradient. With a thinner, the pigment will not become too liquid, will not flow from the spout or splatter during operation. Adjust the pigment concentration yourself. We recommend taking 2 drops of thinner for 6-7 drops of paint, usually this is enough to work on any area. Do not dilute black when working with an arrow.

Volume  15 ml.
Shake well before use.

Country of origin: Russia


Water EC231-791-2, Glycerin EC200-289-5, Hemamelis virginiana extract EC283-637-9, Isopropyl alcohol EC200-661-7, Benzyl alcohol EC 202-859-9.

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