Pigment "FACE" for brows "NUT" 12ml



  • Neutral brown on a green base with yellow and red accents.
  • Universal color suitable for most girls.
  • When healed, we get a natural soft brown tint.
  • Since Walnut is a neutral shade, it adapts to the skin.
  • On warm skin, it will heal a little warmer, on cold skin - colder. Therefore, when working on cold skin, we recommend warming Nut with Cinnamon.
  • Balance up to 80%
  • Ideal colors:

- Walnut 1:1 Sand - light blond;

- Walnut 1:1 Cinnamon - warm blond;

- Walnut 1:1 Mocha - dark blond

*Adjust the proportions in the mix depending on the desired shade

Production Russia, St. Petersburg.

Volume12 ml.

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