Primary anesthesia "ANESTET" 30ml


ANESTET face gel eliminates discomfort during cosmetic procedures. Safe, does not cause burns, irritation, suitable for sensitive skin.

Recommended for the following procedures:
  • tattoo;
  • microblading;
  • Botulinum therapy;
  • Biorevitalization;
  • mesothreads;
  • mesotherapy;
  • epilation.

The gel contains hyaluronic acid, which gives the product additional properties: rejuvenation and renewal of skin cells, blocking free radicals. Suitable for home and salon use.

Mode of application:

Clean the skin with an alcohol wipe;
Apply a layer of gel 1-2 mm thick on dry skin, apply an occlusive dressing;
For maximum effect, keep the gel on the skin for 20-40 minutes, you can increase the exposure time to 1 hour for a longer effect;
Remove the film, remove the remnants of the product with a napkin or cotton pad, proceed to the procedure.

Precautions: Avoid getting the gel in your eyes.

Volume 30ml.
Country of origin: Russia
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