Primary anesthesia "A-CAIN" 10.95% 50gr


A - CAIN is a universal anesthetic cream. Due to the rapid onset of the anesthetic effect, this affordable cooling cream will compete with any expensive anesthetic in a tube. The cream is great for any cosmetic procedure. The only caveat is the time of action of the anesthetic. On average, the period of action varies from 15 - 25 minutes. This time is enough for cosmetic procedures, and for applying a tattoo. A - CAINE  is another representative of cooling creams and gels from South Korea. The feature of this cream is that the anesthetic effect is achieved after 10-15 minutes under the occlusive film.

Scope of application: mesotherapy, contouring, biorevitalization, laser hair removal, waxing, peeling, permanent makeup, permanent make-up, tattoo removal, tattoos.

Mode of application:

1. Prepare the surface to be treated: clean and dry it.

2. Apply a layer of anesthetic to the surface and rub it in.

3. Apply an additional thin layer of cream to the skin without rubbing into the skin. Cover with foil.

4. Wait the time necessary for numbness without removing the film - from 15 to 60 minutes. (recommended 10-15 min.)

5. Remove the rest of the cream and start the procedure.

Volume 50ml.
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