Cartridge Defender 25/03 RLLT

Defender Nano Systems are designed for the most demanding Permanent Makeup artists.

-Japanese surgical steel, grade AISI 316L
- The innovative patented needle stabilization technologies “Z-Systems, Long bar fixing lock” are used in the cartridges, this system stabilizes the needle and gives a perfectly smooth stroke, which allows Masters to emphasize even the smallest details.
- System "Ink Flow Cup" - a patented system promotes fast set and uniform supply of pigment without splashing.

1. Diameter 0.27mm
2. Number of needles: 1
3. Type of sharpening: Long
Cartridges use a lightweight membrane to prevent ink from entering the machine and improve needle return.
Sterilized using ethylene oxide gas.
Packing 20pcs
Defender Nano Systems designed in the USA
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