Traditional Soap™ Antibacterial Soap Concentrate

Traditional Soap™ - antibacterial soap concentrat.
Perfectly cleanses the skin of petroleum jelly and paints of all types - the effective gentle formula of the product perfectly washes away all the dirt, and also relieves puffiness.
Sulfate-free - sulfate-free detergents are used only in professional cosmetics.
Traditional Blue Soap™ does not dry out or irritate the skin.
Kills most known bacteria - thanks to the antibacterial components included in the soap, the client receives additional protection during the tattooing process.
Cooling effect - the composition contains methyl lactate, a modern analogue of menthol that does not irritate the skin, which causes a cooling effect, thereby reducing pain.
Does not contain components of animal origin.
Cleans the surface of a fresh tattoo from excess dirt with any pigments.
Indispensable for masters working in the style of color realism during long sessions.
Reduces redness of the skin, which is especially important when working in black & gray, gray wash pigments and for traditional Japanese-style backgrounds.
Thanks to the soft components in the composition of the soap, the transfer pattern remains saturated for a long time. Reduces inflammation and swelling.
Due to the cooling effect reduces pain.
By reducing irritation, it allows you to extend the process of applying a tattoo.
Traditional soap contains only natural ingredients.
Vegan friendly.
Neutral composition.
Permanent quality control.
A rich concentrate of traditional soap is diluted at the rate of one part soap to ten parts distilled water.

Volume 400ml
Created in Russia.
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