Antibacterial soap concentrate "Tattoo Revive"

Antibacterial tattoo soap concentrate with a complex of natural extracts and components that soften, cool and moisturize the tattooed skin.
The natural composition of SOAP is designed to painlessly glide absorbent materials over the tattooed skin, it allows you to increase the speed and accuracy of the tattoo artist, perfectly moisturizing the skin and normalizing the condition of the pores.
Effectively and quickly cleans difficult places, such as elbows, knuckles or palms, from excess pigment and any contamination associated with the tattooing process.
SOAP soap concentrate tones the epidermis and noticeably improves its elasticity during long sessions, has a pronounced cooling effect, allowing the client to be in a comfortable state during long sessions.
The composition is soft and hypoallergenic, suitable for all skin types, has a neutral alkaline balance, free from components that cause irritation, burning and tightness of the skin after the session.
Completely vegan product. Safe for the environment.

Volume 500 ml.
Country of origin: Russia
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