Skin degreasing spray SPRAY - 30ml

Antibacterial spray for cleansing and treating the skin can be used for tattoo, permanent makeup and piercing sessions. Spray qualitatively degreases and disinfects the surface of the skin without causing overdrying, tightness and burning. The product contains no ethyl and isopropyl alcohol, and a complex of natural antimicrobial actives and essential oils soften and gently cleanse the skin.
This spray eliminates bacteria and germs, and also neutralizes the multiplication of viruses in the injured area of the skin. Perfectly prepares and degreases the skin before applying a protective film, protects the puncture site from harmful bacteria, improves skin elasticity and softness during permanent makeup. With the use of Spray, cell regeneration is accelerated, suitable for any type of skin due to its hypoallergenic composition. Not tested on animals, suitable for vegans.
Spray is only suitable for antibacterial cleansing, it is not a healing agent.

Volume 30 ml.
Country of origin: Russia
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