Brow Pigment PMU "Black Square" 15ml.

  • Fine-particle black pigment for treatment of eyelid and waterline areas.
  • Suitable for treatment of all Fitzpatrick phototypes.
  • Should be used in a pure form; correctors are not required.
  • To perform waterline filling or to draw a clear eyeliner, addition of diluent is not required. The manufacturer recommends adding 1 drop of diluent per 2 drops of pigment for shading on eyelids.
  • For shading on eyelids, Black Square combines perfectly with the Roasted Chestnuts and Bitter Chocolate.
  • When working with two colors on the eyes, do not mix the inks together: keep them in different caps.

How to work : Lightly and very superficially

Reaction to laser:  Pigment particles are easily fragmented and quickly removed from the skin.

Reaction to remover:  Good contact without side effects.

Volume 15 ml.
Shake well before use.
Country of manufacture Russia

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