Lip Pigment PMU "Dusty Rose" 15ml.

"Dusty Rose"

  • Temperature: neutral.  The most popular pink pigment for permanent lip makeup.
  • The titanium dioxide content in the formula is minimized.
  • Ideal for customers who want you to highlight the natural beauty of their lips.
  • Pure Dusty Rose is not recommended for treatment of cool-toned lips—in such cases, the manufacturer recommends blending it with Salted Caramel in the 1:1 proportions.
  • Can be used undiluted for dense filling.
  • It is recommended to add a few drops of diluent to achieve aquarelle lips effect.
  • Residue after healing: 60-80%.

How to work: Recommended to use undiluted for dense filling. For aquarelle lips effect, the manufacturer suggests adding diluent. You can adjust the saturation by the number of passes.

With laser removal, Pigment particles are easily fragmented and quickly removed from the skin.
Remover effect: good contact without side effects.

Volume 15 ml.
Shake well before use.
Country of manufacture Russia

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