Brow Pigment PMU "Flat White" 15ml.

"Flat White"

  • Temperature: warm. Warm orange-based brown pigment.
  • Used as the second, darker color for accents when working with Fitzpatrick phototypes I (Celtic), II (Nordic) and III (Eastern European); or as the first, primary color when working with Fitzpatrick phototypes IV (Mediterranean) and V (Asian) phototypes.
  • When using it as the main color, make sure to add orange or yellow corrector. Recommended to use with diluent.
  • The pigment is suitable for the shading technique.
  • Residue after healing: 80-90%.

How to work: as light as possible, airy and superficial. Great risk of going deep.

With laser removal, it can give an orange tint (if removed up to 4 months from the moment of the procedure or if the color is very dense).
Remover effect: good contact without side effects.

Volume 15 ml.
Shake well before use.
Country of manufacture Russia
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